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Doctor Nguyen Khac Vien
Nguyen Khac Vien (1913-1997): journalists, researchers Vietnam. In the body from a family

scientific panel Hoa Son commune, Huong Son district, Ha Tinh province. Body of his instrument Hoang Nguyen Khac Stock borders, attempt to do Thượng Ceremony The Nguyen court.

May 1933, graduated from philosophy, from mathematics and from the west, to study University Medical Hanoi and then to France to study. By the year 1939 and graduated as a doctor inpatient hospital a hospital Trouseau largest Paris. Do smart hospitality school has determined to exchange his back with your doctor about guest and tropical diseases.

1940, he involved the movement of overseas Vietnamese patriotism against the French colonial period of this secret operation in the time he was suffering so lung tuberculosis. May 1942, during the treatment he was joining the group Mác xịt at the hospital, this is also the premise for the Communist Party in France on his back. Affected Nho giáo, and the owner of Mac - Lênin and their traditional lines, is itself the intellectuals have a practical and theoretical, he became party Communist Party members in France in 1949, later returning to the State party members into the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Since 1952, active participation in the movement of patriotic overseas Vietnamese in France oppose the war by the French in Indochina. Often write about us Vietnam, critical colonialism on the magazine and how famous in Paris "thought" (La Pensee), "The spirit" (Esprit) Europe (Europe), "On my new "(La Nouvelle critique) ... Do communist activities, nam1963 French government expelled him from France.

Water, Nguyen Khac Vien founder and editor of Foreign Policy "Research Vietnam" in French and English (Etudes Vietnamiennes, Vietnam Studies), newspaper "Vietnam News" (Le courrier du Vietnam), as Director Publisher of Foreign (now publisher world), while collaborating with many Chinese newspapers. Along Huu Ngoc Editor of "The recruitment literature Vietnam" 4 by the French. Written many books in French: "Search for the Fatherland", "Vietnam a long natural history, and v. .. Professional speaker "Truyện Kieu" by Nguyen Du into French by Nguyen Khac Vien is a successful translation. Also during this time he has taught and trained by many nursing staff editors have the ability of foreign language and professional ethics.

Since 1984, Nguyen Khac Institute founder and director of Center research center lí children and heart disease lí, published a "news lí scientific mind," special attention to children with disorders mind by circumstances. Written many books in French and English.

As doctors, journalists, the culture, the revolutionary activities, Nguyen Khac Vien is a good example of training health against disease.

With the talent and the great work that his friends and colleagues in the foreign khâm respect. In 1992, Nguyen Khac Vien received awards Grand prix de la Francophonie Institute Korean forestry France. With broken love children to forgive, he devoted most of the amount awarded in prizes Grand prix de la Francophonie Institute Korean forestry France donated funds for his Center for Psychology of Children.

In 1997, the Vietnamese State for giving him the Independence Huan first class

In 2000, President has decided to donate visit the State Award for the book "Vietnam, a natural history."

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